Davey Liu, Director, Citibank Hong Kong Corporate Banking, shares with WiFA his motivation to be an ally, his mentorship experience, his 2021 mantra, and much more.

What motivates you to be an ally in the financial services industry?

There are so many talented women around in the financial industry and it motivates me to cultivate such talent and be part of their success.

What is one characteristic you would say that all women in finance share?

Most of the women in finance I see possess a hunger to learn and to be successful. They are also meticulous, detail oriented, and have high level of care about people.

Mentors play an important role in the development of the careers of women. Have you or are you mentoring a woman in finance? Please tell us about your experience.

I have recently coached a young woman with risk management background on the corporate banking business. a highly motivated colleague who also shared fresh insights into our business. A good learning occasion for me as well.

What will be your 2021 mantra to keep you motivated, either professionally or personally?

We are blessed to be able to work in this industry with so many great talented individuals – treasure it and don’t take it for granted.