What is WIFA?

Our goal is to build a stronger female leadership and talent pipeline in Asia by providing resources, opportunities, and an empowering platform for our members. We want to facilitate networking, mentoring, learning, and experience sharing between women and men to create an inclusive work environment that nurtures female talent. Our focus will be on promoting diversity and equality in the workplace so that women can reach their full professional potential.

We also strive towards creating a comprehensive data-driven approach to identify areas of improvement with regards to supporting the career development of female professionals. To do this we aim to conduct research around gender dynamics in the workplace and develop tools that allow us to better serve our members. Furthermore, we hope to collaborate with companies in order to provide mentorship programs tailored specifically for women’s career growth.

By leveraging our corporate sponsors’ expertise and strong partnerships with other organisations, we aspire to become a leader in developing innovative solutions when it comes to building a more equitable working environment for Asian women. We believe that by investing in female talent now, we can enable future generations of female professionals across the region.


WIFA operates as a Section 88 Charity


WIFA journey continues during COVID-19

With the easing of pandemic restrictions, WIFA has reverted to in person events as well as continuing with virtual panels to discuss topics of interest to our members and corporate sponsors. We launched new events such as the ESG series, the Gala Dinner, and Fitness Challenges. And our network grew bigger, adding more women to the Advisory Board (4), Steering Committee (12), and our membership base expanded to over 6,000 women and men.


WIFA Advisory Board

The launch of existing Advisory Board to build a long term strategic partnerships with the existing sponsors.
5,300 members
22 steering committee
3 Advisory Board Members


WIFA Spotlight Series

The spotlight series was launched to celebrate both women and men who are change makers to support outstanding women making an impact to their respective areas.
4,700 members
22 steering committee
3 Advisory Board Members


Go Virtual

Due to the political movements and later the pandemic, we offered our events fully virtual.
2,500 members
8 steering committee
1 full time admin


Standalone Entity

We’ve grown organically to become WIFA Ltd.
1,800 members
8 steering committee
1 full time admin



We started as a sub-Committee of ASIFMA in 2008
60 members

Charity Partners

Mission & Vision

WIFA is a diverse group of professionals from Hong Kong. The group currently has more than 6,000 followers, both women and men.


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