Jenny Hsieh is Head of Asia Pacific of TradingHub. Outside of work, Jenny has been an active member at WiFA and is co-Chair of WiFA’s Networking Committee since 2020. During her 2021 WiFA Spotlight Series interview, Jenny discussed her motivations, advice to her younger self, and much more.

  1. What is one characteristic you would say that all women in finance share?

It’s hard to identify one characteristic that EVERYONE shares, but I would confidently say that MOST women, whether in finance or not, fundamentally value and actively contribute to ‘community’.  In general, we recognise that the privilege we enjoy to vote, to speak out, to live our dream lives, stems from our foremothers who forged a path forward and is sustained by our peers across the world in all walks of life.  Each in our own way, we proactively seek to connect with those we feel we have common values and ambitions and support each other along the way, and I love that.  Promoting and sustaining this is my goal as a co-chair of the Networking committee of WiFA.

2. Think back to when you were starting out your career. What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to take up space, speak up and stand up for yourself.  When you are new, set up time to introduce yourself to senior people and other teams.  Raise your hand for important projects.  Dare to ask for the title and comp you want and deserve.  When people at work engage in bad behaviour towards you, don’t swallow it because you are afraid of the consequences; if you are in the right, then they are more afraid of you than you are of them, so make it known.  Yes work hard, but also know and set boundaries of what you need to take care of yourself and unabashedly assert them in your life to keep healthy and sane.

3. What has kept you motivated to succeed this past year?

No one would have chosen for Covid to come into our lives, myself included.  Having said that, many sliver linings have appeared to make this past year one dotted with highlights nevertheless.  I have been able to spend more, and more meaningful, time with friends because all of us are here in Hong Kong and not busy traveling for work and pleasure.  While I haven’t been able to take regular trips to see my young nieces and nephew overseas, our relationships have been strangely strengthened by the simple activity of trading bad  jokes over messaging.  The impossibility of in-person gatherings have led to the blossoming of virtual activities, such as attending literary festivals and playing bridge tournaments online.  The unsinkable human desire to connect however possible is what has kept me motivated to succeed in this past year.

4. What will be your 2021 mantra to keep you motivated, either professional or personally?

The WiFA 2021 theme of #PivotToSucceed is a mantra that resonates powerfully with me.  While we all hope to do more than survive, surviving / continuing to be here is a pre-requisite to succeeding.  I am all in for the whole ride, so if the roller coaster of life takes a sharp right, then I will also hang on tight and take a sharp right, laughing and enjoying all the way!