Joanne Miranda Assistant Manager, People Analytics (Data Analytics), Group Human Resources, AIA, shares with WiFA how she promotes diversity and equality, what gives her hope, and much more.

Tell us about your background and the journey to your current position and organization.

My career to date has involved helping organizations achieve their people-related strategic ambitions through data-driven insights. The work is interesting, as we use data as an anchor, to ‘back us up’, and technically there is no inherent bias to it. However, when our environment contains cognitive biases, these risks distort how we interpret and act on that information. We see it in artificial intelligence and how biased datasets continue to amplify and perpetuate harmful stereotypes of women. This is primarily because there aren’t enough female voices feeding in. Throughout my career journey I have found that breaking the bias is even more critical to ensure we make the right decisions, provide equal opportunities, and cultivate an environment where our people and innovation can thrive.

How do you promote diversity and gender equality in your own life and workplace?

I am fortunate to be leading the Events workstream for the Pacific Place Women’s Inspire Network (PP WIN), a community-based platform to support individuals and businesses in their pursuit of gender equity and equality. Our events are primarily about self-development, exchanging experiences in a safe-space and building awareness. I come away feeling energised and funnily enough, inspired, to do more and make change happen. Similarly, I am a member of ‘The Network’, bringing together affinity groups across AIA with the goal of fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace.

What gets you out of bed every day, either professionally or personally? What gives you hope?

Despite the challenges of the past few years, I continue to draw hope and encouragement from the inspirational people around me. I believe increasing more opportunities for us to break the bias, even in small but positive ways, will create an inclusive future where everyone benefits.