Recently, Hong Kong has experienced a record-breaking rainfall since 1884, with roads turning into rivers and traffic coming to a virtual halt. It is no longer possible to ignore the undeniable evidence that climate change is a present reality, and its most severe consequences include extreme weather events happening with alarming regularity worldwide. From typhoons to floods, earthquakes, and other catastrophic phenomena, these events cause untold human suffering and economic damage.

The connection between climate change and these extreme weather events is grounded in robust scientific evidence. Greenhouse gas emissions have caused global warming, which disrupts the Earth’s climate system, leads to unpredictable weather patterns, and causes more frequent and intense weather events.

The human cost of these extreme weather events is immense, with hundreds of thousands of deaths expected each year between 2030-2050, according to the World Health Organization There is an urgent need to both mitigate climate change and adapt to its unavoidable impacts. It is a call to action for all individuals, businesses, and policymakers to take decisive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate-resilient communities.

This fall, the WIFA ESG Series will focus on the theme of “Power To Change” — offering a valuable opportunity for everyone to learn more about how they can contribute to mitigating and adapting to climate change. These events feature a lineup of experts sharing their knowledge, insights, and strategies for climate action. By participating in these events, individuals and businesses can play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while building climate-resilient communities.

As individuals, we can make a difference by making small changes in our daily lives, such as reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, using public transport or biking instead of driving a car, and consuming less meat. Meanwhile, businesses can take concrete actions, such as embracing renewable energy, adopting low-carbon transportation, and choosing sustainable sourcing practices.

This recent record-breaking rainfall in Hong Kong is just the latest example of extreme weather events resulting from climate change. Together, we can take meaningful action to mitigate and adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. The ESG Series is a perfect opportunity to get involved, inspiring open discussions on how we can all contribute to building a sustainable future. There can be no doubt that climate change is the defining challenge of our generation. 

Bonnie So