WiFA will launch its flagship 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Series in late May through June, with the goal of addressing diversity from a variety of angles. The series is an opportunity to reflect and consider the role we can all play in supporting D& I within the workplace and in our communities. The speakers will explore their experiences with the audience, with the aim of becoming better allies and advocates for D&I, thereby building a more sustainable future globally. Our events include:

  1. 11th May – Diversity of Diversity: showcasing leaders across age, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. This session will include time for the audience to interact in breakout groups.
  2. Early June – Defining Career Success in Today’s Challenging Environment: exploring the impetus of career changes prompted by the pandemic and analyzing career success at different stages of a woman’s professional life.
  3. End of June – More Than a Numbers Game: focusing on bringing D,E&I as a Business Initiative to ensure that everyone succeeds.

We look forward to participating with our sponsors on this flagship series. With their input, the D&I series will achieve its purpose to build a platform for the next generation of female role models in the workplace and in our community.
If you are interested in participating, please reach out to us: