Do you have a #HelperHero story that you want to share? Reach out and tell us how they have positively impacted your lives. Thank you Hong Kong Shifts for this incredible feature. 

Meet Lorna, a student from WiFA‘s supporting charity EmpowerU, who spends her one day off to learn life skills and to #volunteer for her community. Her story of dedication, sacrifice, and strength is a reminder of the incredible contributions that the Helper community imparts to Hong Kong. We can all do our part to support our city’s #UnsungHeroes beyond Helper Appreciation Day (which WiFA helped to celebrate on May 30). There are many organizations you can volunteer with and actions you can take to become an #ally to the Helper community. WiFA’s 2021 supporting organizations EmpowerU and HER Fund have long been committed to supporting community-led initiatives to empower domestic workers to become leaders. You can learn more and donate to their mission via their website: and

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