Black in Hong Kong: A Discussion about Race, Discrimination, and Solidarity

In recognition of the global Black Lives Matter movement and Hong Kong’s own challenge with racial discrimination, WiFA will be hosting a panel featuring distinguished Black female professionals to unpack what being Black in Asia and elsewhere in the world means.

The session will also encourage participants to become more aware of their own biases and direct attendees to resources about anti-racism.

Date: 25 Sep (Fri)

Time: 12:30 -13:30

Format: Zoom Webinar


Harmony ‘Anne-Marie’ Ilunga – Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Harmony set up her own culture and fashion collective to support her community and to amplify people of color in the HK fashion world. Harmony supports the boards of multiple corporations as a Diversity and Inclusion advisor on top of being a highly sought-after model. Harmony is the Founder and CEO of refugee-curated social enterprise:

Liana Johnson – Liana is a Director at Mizuho Securities with over a decade of experience in the financial services industry spanning London, Singapore, New York, and Hong Kong. Originally from New York, Liana grew up in the South exposed to the history of slavery, Jim Crow law, and the Civil Rights Movement. Her background has allowed her to experience and see her race from different perspectives. Liana holds an MBA and was also the founder of a sweet potato product company called Here I Yam which sold products in New York City.

Jayne Jeje – Jayne is an American entrepreneur (owner of former SoHo establishment Orange Peel) and activist who is actively involved in her community. She continues to support and champion progressive causes such as: Black Lives Matter (BLM), Special Education Needs (SEN), LGBTQ, Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW), and refugee/asylum seeker support programs.

Marie-Louisa Awolaja – Louisa a project manager at Linklaters. Originally from Nigeria and the UK, Louisa has a background in technology project management and engineering. Louisa is also the co-host of HomeGrown, a podcast created to inform, inspire and entertain through personal stories of black expats:


Karen Liu, Head of Market Entry Solutions, State Street

Karen leads research and content development for the global Market Entry Solutions (MES) team at State Street Bank.

She is also the Co-Chair of the Women in Finance Asia Philanthropy Committee and a Board member of Migrasia, a Hong Kong group focused on migrant worker empowerment and rights. Originally from New York Chinatown, Karen is also an active member of her community and remains involved with her family’s cultural goods shop.

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