Connect & Inspire: #InspireInclusion Networking Drinks

Date: Wednesday February 28, 2024

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm HKT

Venue: Cafe 8, Rooftop Hong Kong Maritime Museum Pier 8, Central

Event Details

Join WIFA for an evening of connection, inspiration, and empowerment at our event, “Connect & Inspire: #InspireInclusion Networking Drinks.” We will meet on Wednesday, February 28th at Cafe 8, to mark the launch of our campaign to inspire inclusion and create a more inclusive world for women.


To kickstart the evening, a keynote speaker from Bloomberg Women’s Network has been invited. Mayur Patel will share their goals for 2024, providing valuable insights while participants will be invited to actively contribute to fostering a more inclusive environment for women.

Participate in the Photos & Videos

During the event, participants will be encouraged to take part in talk photos, so they can share their thoughts on inclusion and the importance of empowering women. By visually capturing these conversations, WIFA will amplify the message of inclusion, inspiring others to join the movement. Please note that by joining and participating in the event, your photo/video may be shared via our social media accounts.

Pledge Signing Booth

Additionally, a pledge signing booth will be available where individuals can commit to supporting and promoting inclusion in their personal and professional lives. This commitment serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

To further enhance the impact of our celebration, WIFA has planned collaborations with the following NGOs:

a) Museum Café 8: Located on the rooftop of Pier 8, Café 8 is a unique collaboration between the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and The Nesbitt Centre, creating a progressive environment for members of our society with learning disabilities. This social enterprise not only provides employment opportunities to those with special needs, but enables them to integrate with the local community, interact with people from all walks of life, and expand their work and life experiences – all of which are essential for their future development.

b) Music Associations: In celebration of International Women’s Day, we offer a platform for local female music performers to showcase their art by female composers and artists that celebrate empowerment, equality, and the spirit of International Women’s Day. This collaboration promotes talent, creativity, and the contributions of women in the music industry.

All proceedings will contribute to our charity partners.

WIFA invites you to join us on this journey of inspiration and empowerment. Together, let’s forge a more inclusive world by embracing the power of inclusion. Save the date and join us on Wednesday, February 28th at Cafe 8 for an evening of networking, inspiration, and positive change.