In the current economic environment, many financial services employees are feeling anxious about their career progression. Unexpected shocks like the COVID pandemic create fertile conditions for career changes by causing us to reflect on our aspirations. In the 2021 “Great Resignation” many left their jobs for better paid, more fulfilling work, or to remain at home for family reasons. Routines were disrupted , along with professional and social ties to the workplace. As we changed careers, so did our outlook regarding the future.

WiFA would like to explore what career success means at different stages of an individual’s career. This panel will be composed of professionals from different stages of their career and from different backgrounds/corporations. With the support of an executive coach, we can reach new heights and thrive in our careers.


Nerice Gietel, Founder of The Career Lounge and Certified Coach


Niguel Brooks, Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)

Xi Chen, Director of Climate and Sustainability, Deloitte Touche

Joelle Dang, former COO of Societe Generale

Date: June 8 @ 6.00-7.00pm

Format: Zoom

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