Save more. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Get more sleep. Everybody talks about it – different types of goals that we have in life – but many of us are likely to fall short of reaching them because of our inability to make an objective decision in the moment. We say we want to lose weight, but when push comes to shove we can’t resist that extra slice of cake. Similarly, we want to save money to retire, travel, or to buy that new computer, but don’t consider our budget before making the purchase.

So what should you do as you face your own ladder to financial wellness? Well, if you’re already on one of the top rungs: congrats! If you’re like most people and haven’t quite made it to the top yet, or are working on a couple of different rungs, this event will be a great opportunity for you.

This event follows the first session where we learnt how to set our personal financial goals. In this second part, different speakers will share their knowledge in the most common asset classes available for us and explain how can we make more informed decisions and reach our desired goals.

Whereas not all panelists will agree on which assets may bring more returns, they can certainly explain how each one of us can evaluate them and choose according to our own risk appetite and financial targets.

Join us in this heated discussion and get some ideas for taking the plunge!