Networking can be difficult. We are all constantly glued to our gadgets and many of us have forgotten how to talk to one another, let alone connect. Given the importance of face-to-face communication, it is amazing that so many people rely predominantly on technology for their networking activities.

These days, there is no shortage of books, articles, websites or podcasts that focus on teaching us how to prioritize our health and wellness. What is missing from this wellness discourse is how important it is for us all to focus on the company that we keep – our personal and professional networking relationships – and how critical it is for us to spend purposeful time and energy building and maintaining the relationships that matter.

In this breakfast talk, Megan Burke Roudebush (Founder, keepwith) will offer practical advice regarding networking best practices, pitfalls to avoid and the importance of putting deliberate strategy behind your networking efforts. Attendees will come away with new perspective on the breadth and depth of their networks and practical (sometimes “outside the box”) tips for building and maintaining a strong network.

The session will include an interactive exercise designed to help attendees think more broadly and deeply about their networks and their networking activities.