The COVID-19 pandemic is a tragic reminder of how unprepared the world is in detecting and responding to emerging infectious diseases. What is clear now is that vaccinations will play an important role in controlling this global health crisis. As vaccines’ role in saving the world’s population expands, we need to understand issues such as safety and efficacy, vaccine hesitancy, social (mis) trust, herd immunity, and preparing ourselves both mentally and physically.

In particular, we must consider the role of corporations in understanding these issues. Employees are the most important stakeholders of a company. Employers’ impact on helping employees navigate through the vaccination process will be crucial in the upcoming months.

To discuss vaccine concerns and challenges prevalent in society and in the workplace today, WiFA welcomes Dr. Myra, Medical Director, AIA Group and Dr. Donald Greig, Managing Partner HKSS.


Dr. Myra, Medical Director, AIA Group

Dr. Myra is a clinician with more than a decade’s worth of experience in clinical practice and commercial management. Now serving as AIA Group Medical Director, Myra is responsible for fostering close relationships with the medical community across Asia Pacific and driving improvements in clinical management across AIA’s extensive network of healthcare providers and healthcare ecosystem partnerships.

Dr. Donald Greig, Managing Partner HKSS

Dr. Donald Greig, Specialist in General Surgery, is the Managing Partner of Hong Kong Surgical Specialists (HKSS) and is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors. His research on the COVID-19 pandemic has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitics and the humanitarian impact inflicted by the pandemic which has caused such substantive global mortality and morbidity. Dr. Greig has written several commentaries on COVID-19 articles over the past year which are posted 2-3 times weekly on the HKSS website. In addition, he has published other non-Covid related medical information and research in one book, 50+ scientific papers, abstracts and letters.


Ms. Catherine Chen Founder and Managing Partner of AvantFaire Investment Management Limited

Catherine is a serial entrepreneur and has founded AvantFaire Holding and Impactlytics with strong presence in Hong Kong and Canada, focusing on impact investment management and analytics

Please join us to hear their perspectives and insights on this timely topic.

When: Thursday, March 25@12-1pm

Format: Zoom meeting

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