We are currently inviting applications for the 2019 edition of the WiFA MMP (Mentor-Mentee Programme). Please go to the Documents section of this registration page and fill in the application form.

This is an annual programme with a limited number of spaces. Each relationship is expected to be formally part of the programme for the full year.

The programme is open to everyone, regardless of age or gender. However, if you are within the first 5 years of your career, we urge you to take an active part in our Young Professionals committee and events. We welcome your mentee application for the programme from the 5th year of your career onwards. For mentor applicants, a minimum of 15 years of relevant working experience in the Financial Services field is a prerequisite

We will contact all applicants by early January 2019 to confirm the outcome of any application.

The deadline for applications is 7 December. The form should be filled in electronically and sent back to jallum@wifasia.org