WiFA 2021 Book Club: Financial Feminism

WiFA’s Networking Committee is pleased to introduce their next reading choice entitled “Financial Feminism: A Woman’s Guide to Investing for a Sustainable Future”, by Jessica Robinson.

Evidence informs us that women across the world are concerned about the impact of their investments, with a large majority highly motivated to create positive environmental and societal change through their investment decisions. At the same time, the concept of financial feminism – the belief in the financial equality of women – is rapidly gaining momentum.

Jessica Robinson, a sustainable finance and responsible investing expert, argues in her new book that financial feminism is more than simply addressing the financial inequalities that women face. Financial feminism is about unleashing the growing financial power of women, through the way we invest, to create positive change in the world.

Join WiFA on 7 July to hear Jessica talk with us about the themes of her book and what can be done to empower women to become sustainable and impact investors.

To join the talk:

Meeting ID: 945 7205 7020

Password: 939483

Meeting link : https://morganstanley.zoom.us/j/94572057020?pwd=WWZ2L21jMHBnSGFTVHU2MnZkaE8wZz09

To access the book:

The book can be purchased at various online bookstores including Amazon. A full listing can be found here.

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