WiFA x RUN HK Virtual Warm Up Session For the Fitness Challenge 2022

Are you ready for the WiFA x RUN Hong Kong Virtual Fitness Challenge? In prep to the launch, we hosted a virtual warmup session to answer questions on #nutrition#Motivation for fitness goals and #injuryprevention.

Date : September 29, 2022 12:15 – 13:00 HKT

Venue : Zoom Webinar sponsored by Morgan Stanley


Panel Speakers:

Ms. Beth Wright, Member of the Advisory Board of WiFA

Beth Wright, a financial service lawyer with 20 years of experience, is working in private banking. She is also a WiFA Advisory Board Member and a personal coach on nutrition/ health/wellness. She believes that the key to sustainable results is to empower patients to be responsible for their own health through knowledge and education. Liv Media awarded her the Women of Wellness 2021 and Beth is featured in many health/fitness publications.

Ms. Charlotte Davies, Physiotherapist, Joint Dynamics

Charlotte is a fantastic physiotherapist resource for this event! When it comes to variety of sports and activities she has been involved so many both as an athlete (tennis, equestrian events, running) and as a physiotherapist (tennis, equestrian, volleyball, running, netball, rugby and more). A passionate sports physiotherapist with over a decade of practicing experience Charlie is an experienced professional who wants to keep you injury free and doing the activities that you love.

Ms. Georgia Cutt, Exercise Physiologist, Joint Dynamics

Georgia has a masters degree in exercise physiology, is a qualified pre and post natal exercise specialist and a passionate advocate for women in sport. She loves rugby, hiking and being outdoors and you’ll often find her with the gloves on practicing her Muay Thai technique. If you have questions about returning to activity after injury, how to train/compete avoiding injury or any questions about recovery Georgia is an excellent place to start.

Feel free to submit your questions in advance via this


Thanks to Morgan Stanley for providing the virtual zoom session.