Message From Management: Bonnie Ohri

Financial services companies are significantly boosting their efforts to increase Diversity & Inclusion across the board. They are focusing on hiring a more diversified workforce, both at the entry level and at the C-Suite level. In addition, many organizations are having enlightened conversations about office culture and are reinforcing diverse teams to improve business outcomes, provide career development, and create networks that offer opportunities for junior and new staff.

WiFA’s D&I three-part series focuses on different aspects of how D&I within an organization’s culture leads to better investor outcomes and ultimately better serves society. It is now considered a necessary component that promotes an improved working environment. WiFA kicked off the series with a panel on Diversity of Diversity in early May, hearing from leaders representing different types of diversity (age, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation) from several organizations. According to CFA’s 2022 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Code, an inclusive culture, awareness and education, and effective working relationships lead to a better workplace. The second event in this series explores the impetus of career changes prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and analyzes career success at different stages of a woman’s career. And finally, WiFA’s last event illustrates how having more women in a leadership role can benefit an organization in countless ways, including its culture and business outlook.

All of these events conclude with what companies can do to improve D&I to advance career aspirations and organizational performance/culture, within the new work reality of a post-COVID world. By exploring this content with our members, we will become better allies and advocates for D&I, thereby building a more sustainable future globally. We look forward to your joining these events!