Inspired by Perseverance, Persevere to Inspire

Yoga is not about being flexible, instead it is about showing up. Showing up on your mat daily with no expectation of how it will go. Yoga is about doing your practice wholeheartedly and trusting that you attain the freedom you never imagined. Freeing our mind in every moment; bringing the awareness to your body and mind.

In supporting her daughter in becoming a professional athlete, Carrie started her first Yoga Teacher Training to understanding the anatomic and energetic theories of yin yoga. It incorporates applications of functional anatomy and Chinese meridian theory into a variety of effective sequencing techniques in yoga classes.

Subsequently, Carrie received her foundation and advanced teacher trainings with Patrick Creelman, internationally renowned alignment-based teacher training. Under his mentorship of the Asia’s pioneering yoga teacher Patrick, Carrie went through an extensive and thorough training that has inspired and deepened her understanding of the profound transformative power of yoga. The perennial wisdom of yoga encompasses a comprehensive study of the techniques and mechanics of the fundamental postures as well as tools necessary to teach and inspire others including practice of meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy application and, hands-on adjustments and etc.

A RYT 500 teacher, Carrie teaches alignment-based yoga, yoga therapy and yin yoga. As a practitioner who has experienced the transformative power of the ancient art and& science, she prioritizes in teaching yoga from the heart, helping her students to soothe their body aches and sore muscles, ground themselves by accessing strength and lightness from within. Come join her in class, jam to tunes, move with grace, find inner peace and leave inspired!