From Bonnie Ohri

The news around the world continues to be charged with unrest racial injustice protests, COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown, debates over masks, and uncertainty for the future of Hong Kong has moved into another critical phase. All of this can be overwhelming -no matter where you are – home, work, social settings, or elsewhere. The mental and emotional impact on your well-being of living through a pandemic can be disruptive to your general health, family relationships, income, and the struggle to adapt to the new normal work environment. This can all be exhausting. WiFA is aware of these issues and is hard at work creating and delivering different virtual (and in-person until we can be together again) events to help you cope with this mental and physical stress.

The well-being of our WiFA members are at the top of our minds, and we urge you to remember the messages of our past events on mental health: adopt a daily routine that may involve meditation (mindfulness), learn a new skill, commit to daily exercise, ensure a balanced diet and enough sleep, and try not to overexpose yourself to the news but balance your TV time watching uplifting content, and possibly shutting off the TV and social media and listening to music or reading a good book to relax. And most importantly, stay connected with family and friends. Being aware of your emotions and thoughts can provide you the perspective necessary to continue with your day.

WiFA’s social media outlets and newsletter will inform you of all our diverse events, from providing guidance on navigating career choices to engaging in bootcamp and networking picnics.  Now more than ever, during this increased period of social distancing restrictions, WiFA is committed to facilitating a forum for women to connect; foster mutual support and growth; develop personal and professional skills; and support the wider community around us. Let’s focus our efforts on being resilient and strong so we can continue to support Creating the Workforce For the Future.