WiFA is pleased to announce that Bonnie Ohri and Bonnie So as Board of Directors, effective from 29th June, 2020. Benedicte N. Nolens, co-chair for WiFA congratulated the new Directors, “It has been my pleasure to work with Bonnie So and Bonnie Ohri and to continue driving forward the WiFA program with #passion, especially during these challenging times. I look forward to working with both Bonnie’s in their Director capacity.”

Bonnie Ohri responded, “Now more than ever, during this increased period of social distancing restrictions, WiFA is committed to facilitating a forum for women to #connect; foster #Mutual_Support and growth; develop personal and professional skills; and support the wider community around us. Let’s focus our efforts on support #Creating_The_Workforce_For_The_Future.”

Bonnie So added, “Formalising the Board of Directors will lead WiFA upon a strong foundation of good #corporate_governance, the core principles of #equality#empowerment#diversity#collaboration, and #integrity. We envision and set path to build #Regional_Chapters to connect and empower women to achieve their full professional potentials.”