Please introduce yourself
A mother, a passionate human rights advocate and a time juggler!

When did you speak for WiFA and on what topic?
I have had the pleasure of speaking at WiFA on two occasions, once on the nexus of money-laundering and human trafficking, and the other time on ESG.

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture?
Embracing vulnerability, flexibility and diversity will be essential for the creation of a resilient future workforce. Faced with new and emerging challenges, the more adaptable and multi-faceted our work force is, the more we stand a chance to thrive. The workforce of the future must contemplate how to bring into its fold the tens of millions of women and girls currently left behind due to illiteracy, poverty, archaic social norms and patriarchal structures. Bringing these women and girls along with us will make for a stronger future. 

What advice would you give to women who want to lead?
Embrace your vulnerability and always know that you are enough. We spend so much of our time and precious lives trying to portray strength and the ability to do everything and be everything and everyone that is expected of us. We have our limits and there is much dignity in accepting and honouring our limits. It has taken me so long to understand that I am enough, and that whilst I can be inspired by those around me, I do not have to strive to be them because being me is enough. To be a leader, compassion towards others and the ability to teach others as much as we learn is a must. 

Tell us one unexpected/fun fact about you?
I really enjoy boxing and weight-lifting, so think again before disagreeing with me!