How would you introduce/define yourself?
My career has been in public service, focused on designing, implementing, and managing programs for marginalized communities. As a former Deputy Director at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, I managed over 1,400 primary care facilities, with the mission of providing healthcare to vulnerable populations. Prior to this I worked in the
Executive Office of the President on budgetary policy; for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on compliance and regulatory oversight; and at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce representing U.S. banking industry clients. As a senior policy advisor at USAID, I supervised projects on emerging health issues in Europe and Eurasia, including an assignment in
Moscow. Since moving to Hong Kong, I pivoted my career towards the non-profit sector. I worked as an advisor to MindHK on mental health issues surrounding the protests in Hong Kong, and recently joined OneSky as a Project Director.

What is your current role, and your participation within the diversity and inclusion initiatives?
As a new WiFA Executive Director, I look forward to actively contributing to several diversity and inclusion initiatives by connecting people on deeper levels and initiating dialogues in a meaningful way.

Can you share one of the challenges of your program, and one accomplishment that you are proud of?
In my past role, one of my major accomplishments was overseeing the delivery of high quality, affordable, and accessible health care to marginalized communities – and I plan to bring this passion and energy to support the interests of women in finance. My biggest challenge has been building alliances with diverse stakeholders (NGOs, private industry, local communities and governments) to deliver health care in the midst of crises (Opioid/Zika/Flu) and natural disasters.

What is the best career advice that you have received?
Be a lifelong learner. No matter what stage you are in your career, be curious, ask questions, and push the boundaries. And live by the rule “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” – that is what ultimately moves you forward not only in your career, but in your life.

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture.
One overriding issue of importance today is the equality of opportunities for all individuals – lack of this lies at the heart of current global discontent. Creating job opportunities and sustainability in the next decade are critical imperatives to satisfy aspirations. This will require a culture of learning and innovative adaptation of technology to level the playing field. A gender-diverse financial industry must be better prepared to meet the global priorities of the future.

Tell us one unexpected/ fun fact about you.
I am a huge fan of the music and aerobic exercise of Zumba…Dancing your way to fitness!