How would you introduce/ define yourself?

I am dedicated to evangelising Impact Investment, which is why I founded AvantFaire Investment Management. We were one of the first Hong Kong-licensed asset managers to focus exclusively on investments relating to ESG, sustainability and social impact.  I collaborate with family offices, entrepreneurs and government agencies in Hong Kong to grow the impact investment ecosystem and draw attention to its importance.

When did you join WiFA? What is your current role at WiFA?

I joined WiFA in the last quarter of 2019. I am involved with the Education Committee and looking forward to contributing to WiFA and engaging with practitioners in the financial services industry in Hong Kong.

Which committee will you be leading in 2020? What are your key goals?

I will be helping to lead the Education Committee in 2020. My key goal is to ignite inspiration in impact investment by introducing various sustainability themes that address social and environmental concerns. In 2019, we hosted an event on “Sustainable Fashion and Finance” which brought fashion industry practitioners, NGOs and finance professionals   together and offered the audience a fresh and holistic perspective on the topic. In 2020, we are planning events on “Food and Finance”, “Art and Finance”, as well as special topics focusing on mental health and stress management, vital for the current situation in Hong Kong.

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture

We should think about what our future will look like, and what we want to see happening by then. The most important factor in creating the future work force is to understand what we should do to make that future happen and equip ourselves with the right mentality and skill set to align with that goal. Be the change you want to see happen.

What advice would you give to women who want to lead?

I take the company I founded as an example. I established  AvantFaire because I wanted to bring Impact Investing to Asia. In order to do so, I needed help and support from friends, family and people who believe in me. As a leader in my company, I must keep rethinking how I can add more value to society and how I can inspire, protect and develop my team. If you want to lead, be inspirational and ready to take more on more responsibility.

Tell us one unexpected/ fun fact about you.

I speak nine languages, and I am currently learning Italian. Learning languages and being able to talk to different people and read more is a great pleasure. I love playing video games and watching animation, and I am also studying for a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.