How would you introduce/ define yourself? 

Curious and investigative, full of questions and ideas.

When did you join WiFA and what is your current role? 

I joined WiFA two years ago and I am currently the Co-Chair of the Emerging Talent Committee.

What are your key goals in 2020? 

I want to bring together knowledge and soft skills for members who are in the early stage of their careers. I want to help them evolve by connecting them to peers and potential mentors/ sponsors through our broader WiFA network. 

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture 

I, personally, am constantly focusing on building knowledge and expertise. I think it’s really important to be ready at all times as traditional jobs and roles are replaced by new ones which require different skillsets. 

What advice would you give to women who want to lead? 

One word…Empowerment! You should always aim to bring out the confidence in people you work with. 

Tell us one unexpected/ fun fact about you

Find me at a WiFA event and I’ll tell you more!