What is your current role, and your connection with WiFA?

I am a Director, Institutional Partnerships in Asia Pacific at CFA Institute. I represent CFA Institute on the WiFA advisory committee as a corporate sponsor, and I am a member of the WiFA Emerging Talent committee.

Why and how do you support WIFA?

CFA Institute started our support for WiFA in 2018, and we are now in our third year of partnership. One of our key points of focus is Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) within the finance industry, which aligns with WiFA’s agenda. Through participating in the WiFA Emerging Talent committee, and attending events, I witnessed what women-supporting-women looks like in action. I was previously a mentee in the mentorship program and have learned a lot from my mentor. WiFA is not just about D&I, it’s also about men supporting women, networking, social impacting, professional learning and nurturing emerging talents.

Please tell us about one of your achievements in shifting the gender diversity needle, or empowering women to achieve their full professional potential?

One of the my proudest accomplishments in empowering women during my time here at CFA Institute is being part of the Young Women in Investment (YWI) Program in India, founded by my colleague Amit Chakarabarty in 2018.  The YWI program is an intensive, four-week program which covers both technical and soft skills, followed by a 3-6 months paid internship. The program has opened doors for almost 200 women so far, and given them opportunities in the finance industry that they otherwise might not have had.  It has been an honour to get to know these women, and to learn about their life stories.

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture

I believe the workforce of the future will be very different to what we have today. For future professionals, the ability to take knowledge in a specific area and apply it to the broader general business will be an important skill to have. According to our Investment Professional of the Future report, the “T-shape” skills are the most important of the changing skills we have identified. The other skills include leadership skills, soft skills and technical skills.

What advice would you give to women who want to advance their career?

An old boss once told me, being able to ask questions is a sign of strength. A person who asks questions is a person who is strong enough to admit they don’t know everything, is curious, and has a growth mindset.