Please introduce yourself 

I’m a #CPA with 15 years of experience in international professional firms and public companies. As an altruism professional accountant, I aim to apply my expertise in a career that ideally contributes to a meaningful cause, so I participate in #NGO as volunteering committee member.

I strongly believe in unity and that if many daily conflicts around us can be solved in a peaceful way, the world can become a better place. Although my contribution to this cause may be insignificant, I hope to continue to persevere and stay rational to overcome difficult situations by offering peaceful solutions.  

I love to travel and explore different cultures in the world. I treasure every opportunity and always welcome #challenges.

What is your current role, and your participation within the diversity and inclusion initiatives? 

I’m a volunteering commitee member of a local #NGO, which organises mainly sports or even ultramarathons events all over the world for persons with and without disabilities in Hong Kong. The idea is to promote #PHAB Integration and the spirit of marathon – “Giving up is NOT an option”.

Can you share one challenge when you run your program and one accomplishment that you are most proud of?  

In June 2019, I was in-charge of a project for a #NGO with over hundreds of participants including some disabled athletes and led over 20 volunteers from different professions to attempt a Guinness World Record.  I witnessed the power of #teamwork and was deeply moved by it. 

What advice would you give to women who want to lead? OR What is the best career advice that you have received? 

Never settle less than your best

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture  

I believe creating a socially #included and #diversified working environment that encourages a #positive vibe for every different individual to work in will encourage one another to #value and #respect each other more.

Tell us one unexpected/ fun fact about you.  

I have not enjoyed playing sports until 4 years ago. I never thought I would start running and even achieve a sub4 (finishing a full marathon within 4 hours) personal best record at the Chicago Marathon 2018. I have also climbed up to an altitude approximately 6,000m mountain in Nepal and completed a 100KM trailwalker in Hong Kong.