What is your current role, and your participation within your firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives? 

I am the Deputy Head of Service Delivery for BBH in Asia.  I am also an active member of BBH’s Women’s Network, which focuses on attracting, advancing, and retaining women in the workforce – encouraging them to be leaders at every stage of their career.

When and why did your Firm start to support WiFA? How do you think the staff are benefiting from the programs/ events? 

I have been involved in the WiFA Mentor-Mentee Committee for the last three years. Having shared the work of WiFA and the informative events with colleagues across the globe, BBH enthusiastically became a corporate sponsor of WiFA at the beginning of 2020. I continue to be part of the mentoring program and have encouraged others at BBH to participate in WiFA events. WiFA offers our staff excellent learning opportunities and numerous ways to interact with the community around us.

Can you share one of your Firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Programs that resonates with the WiFA mission of empowering women to achieve their full professional potential? And please share with us the challenges you have faced and your accomplishments.

Having established ourselves as a global company in the early 1800’s, BBH has been powered by diverse perspectives across borders and across backgrounds for many years. Approaching challenges with varied outlooks has enabled the Firm to bring brainpower, insight and creativity to our business and led us to innovative products and solutions for clients. Our Women’s Network led the way for other business resource groups within BBH and continues to have a strong presence across all offices. From local “lean in” discussion groups, to informal mentoring, to global simulcast events and volunteer work, the Women’s Network not only supports and empowers women within the Bank, but also allows us to support other women in our communities. Mentoring colleagues is easy; building homes and positively impacting the lives of women at risk in our communities is a larger hurdle. Both are challenges we take on with energy and conviction.

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture

It is crucial for all of us to have an eye toward the future. It is imperative that we continue to impart our experiences on younger generations, but also work together with them to propose new and innovative ways to work smarter (not harder!).

What advice would you give to women who want to lead?  

Growing up with a traditional Asian background gave me pause to raise my hand for projects or step into a leading role. Working in global organizations throughout my career has given me a bit of a push to step forward and lend my opinion. I was also fortunate to have had great mentors who encouraged me to take chances. Over many years, I have discovered that it is important to offer your ideas. So often we strive to have the “perfect” idea or plan, but without taking chances we will never know what we can accomplish. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand or to make a mistake – as long as you learn from it and grow. If you don’t try, you never know whether you have the acumen to lead.  You also will never have the opportunity to see what impact you might have or what additional benefits you may gain.