How would you introduce yourself?  
A born in China and bred in Sri Lanka Brit, who now lives in Hong Kong!

What is your current role, and your participation within the diversity and inclusion initiatives?
I am Director, Corporate Finance (M&A). Within my bank I am part of the mentor / mentee program, and I participate in and conduct workshops.

Can you share one accomplishment that you are most proud of?
I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, run the London and Berlin marathons, and cycle around Cuba before I turned 30. I managed to get thereā€¦ albeit at 32!

What advice would you give to women who want to lead?
A job should go to the best qualified person, and every woman deserves and should strive for the opportunity to be that person.

Tell us one thing that is important for #CreatingTheWorkforceOfTheFuture
For any given position, there is a woman who is just as qualified as her male counterpart. However, organisations need to do more to attract female talent at the entry level, and retain female talent when women start families; without such support, the workforce of the future will likely continue to be male dominated

Tell us one unexpected/ fun fact about you
I have travelled to 88 countries. 100 is the target, which we are aiming for with our 15-month-old daughter.