Hong Kong, June 24, 2024 – Women in Finance Asia (WIFA) today announced several changes to the leadership of its acclaimed Mentorship Program, highlighting the gratitude owed to the departing co-chairs and outlining steps for continuity and future leadership.

Gladys Liu will be stepping down as Co-Chair of the WIFA Mentorship Program, effective immediately. Over the past year, Gladys has been instrumental in the program’s success, her passion and expertise greatly enhancing the development of women in the finance industry.

“Gladys’ contributions to the Mentorship Program have been invaluable,” said Bonnie So, Co-Chair of WIFA. “Her dedication to empowering our members has left an indelible mark on the organisation. We are grateful for her service and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.”

Olivia Havranek will also be stepping down from her role as Co-Chair of the Career Development component of the Mentorship Program, effective June 21, 2024. Olivia’s personal experience, transitioning from a mentee to a Co-Chair, has been deeply influential in shaping WIFA’s career development initiatives.

“Olivia’s journey with WIFA is a testament to the power of our Mentorship Program,” continued Bonnie. “Her leadership in career development has been pivotal in supporting the growth and advancement of women in finance. We are thankful for her service and wish her success in her chapter.”

Isabelle Mustapic, the remaining Co-Chair, will continue to lead the Mentorship Program, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining the program’s forward momentum.

WIFA is now seeking nominations, particularly from male allies, to fill the vacant Co-Chair position. This is an excellent opportunity for dedicated members to contribute to the program’s continued success and growth.

Additionally, WIFA is pleased to announce that a female candidate is currently seeking approval from her firm to take on the role of Co-Chair. This appointment would provide valuable continuity and diversity in leadership for the program.

“The WIFA Mentorship Program is a cornerstone of our organisation, and we are committed to maintaining its excellence,” concluded Bonnie. “We are confident that under Isabelle’s continued leadership and with the addition of a new Co-Chair, the program will continue to thrive and empower women in finance for years to come.”

Interested candidates or nominations can be submitted to the WIFA Steering Committee. The organisation looks forward to announcing the new Mentorship Program Co-Chair in the coming weeks.

For more information about the WIFA Mentorship Program, please reach out to Isabelle Mustapic. For Co-Chair nomination, please reach out to Bonnie Ohri and Bonnie So.